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GIA656AWIII - WAJJArif Hartadi
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GIA985OEJN - WARRDonni Kurniawan

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Welcome to Garuda Indonesia Virtual Flight Academy Section

This page is intended for instructor, trainer & trainee of Garuda Indonesia Virtual member. The purpose of this page is to explain the basic functions and working methods of our pilot academy concept. Garuda Indonesia Virtual encourage all of members to gain some aviation knowledge and education within virtual limitation.This is one of our modern vision about how is virtual airline should be.

For any training & exam activity, Garuda Indonesia Virtual are using The Virtual Remote Training System, or VRTS is a complete training system built especially for virtual airlines. The VRTS runs separate from the main website, but it heavily linked to it. It uses the VA’s user accounts and trainees won’t even notice that the VRTS is a separate system.

The Virtual Remote Training System provides a framework for training activities for Virtual Airlines. It does not provide training material, for example theoretical exam questions/answers or practical exam grading sheets.


Garuda Indonesia Virtual Flight Academy Theoritical Course

Academy Course -  Available for all member who has been logged at least 20 hours and First Officer Rating within all aircraft type rating. Divided to this following module :

Course Module


CPL Navigation
CPL Meteorology
CPL Human Factors
CPL Air Law
CPL Aerodynamics
CPL Operation, Performance & Flight Planning

When you complete all the above module, you will receive our Academy Course award!

You need to conduct all of the above exam module within 20 minute of time, 10 question & 8 correct answer to passed each exam module & to complete the CPL course.If you failed one of the exam, you will have opportunity to take the re-exam after 3 days (72 hours). And if you pass one of this exam, you may continue to the next exam module. All of your theoritical exam will be evaluate by our Chief Pilot and you will have this following award on your profile page when you complete all of the above (6) theoritical exam module. Start your exam now and test your CPL knowledge here!

Garuda Indonesia Virtual Flight ATPL Practical Course

ATPL Practical Course - Instructor & Chief Pilot rating are available for everyone who passed all the requirement as this following details :

  • Passed the Fundamentals of Instruction Exam (FOI) theoritical exam
  • Must have knowledge how to use the Virtual Remote Training System (VRTS) software
  • Complete all the Academy Theoritical Course/ all theoritical module ( divided into 6 theoritical module)
  • Membership Time : Every member who has been member for at least 6 month as minimum
  • Current Rating : Captain rating holder with 500 hours logged using GIV ACARS/ SkyJetline
  • Aircraft Type Rating : Available for all aircraft rating

Note : This rating is not always available, must be consider as PRE/ Executive decision. 

IFR checkride which is include this following assesment :

  • SID Performance
  • Enroute NAV Exercise
  • STAR Performance
  • ILS CATII/III Approach
  • Missed Approach Procedure
  • Holding Exercise

Here is our marking standard for Chief & Instructor rating ATPL Marking Standard 

How to apply this rating? Access to your VRTS - Trainee's Center, take the Instructor & Chief exam course.

But that's not entirely cover our training facilities, we also provide services for our new pilots to prepare them to be ready to conduct the operation or fly online on IVAO Network! So, get in touch with us!