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This are the Terms and Conditions of Garuda Indonesia Virtual.

1. Minimum Criteria
1.1 When you decide to join the Garuda Indonesia Virtual, you are required to have IVAO account with 50 hours logged on IVAN (active account and not being suspended) & pilot will be required to sit an entrance examination (before proceed to registration)
1.2 While register at Garuda Indonesia Virtual, you must submit real identity with full name (nickname prohibited) and must be at least 13 years old.
1.3 When joining Garuda Indonesia Virtual, you must use 3 digit or 4 digit for your VA membership number (GIAxxx or GIAxxxx). Use numeric only and do not use alphabetical - Ex GIA020/ GIA8021
1.4 If you already joined as a member and your IVAO account suspended or deleted, the Garuda Indonesia Virtual staff will re-evaluate your membership and take the most appropriate decision regarding with the suspension
1.5 If you already joined as a member and proved that you falsify your age, then your membership will be deleted without prior notice
1.6 The ability to show professionalism within the organization and when conducting Online Operations.
1.7 As English is the international language of the aviation industry, we require applicants to harbour a reasonable level of written and spoken English.
1.8 In the case of abuse of our rules and/or the general rules of the networks, you may be suspended
1.9 A basic knowledge of flying simulator & flying online is required. Garuda Indonesia Virtual have basic training program with conjunction with IVAO Indonesia
1.10 GIV Pilot are expected to have a minimal knowledge of english proficiency and radio communication
1.11 GIV Pilot are expected to be familiar with (abroad experienced & practice are advantage) the basics of flight simulation technique (take-off, landing, basic navigation, charts/maps, NDB, VOR, routes plan, etc.)
1.12 GIV Pilot are expected to be be familiar with (but not limited to) the basics of aviation terminology (aerodynamics, airspace, rules/air law, squawk codes, weather forecast, etc)
2. Online Activity
2.1 Pilots must follow the online network Rules & Regulation (refer to IVAO/ VATSIM R&R) and comply with it all the time during online activity.
2.2 Pilots are to exercise good manners and not to causing conflict or arguments over the networks.
2.3 If Garuda Indonesia Virtual receives report from the networks about the conduct of any pilot, are liable to be dismissed without notice.
2.4 Beware when you fly Garuda Indonesia Virtual by online either on IVAO or VATSIM network, you must use "GIA" as your callsign, use a same aircraft type as on timetable. Otherwise we will delete your PIREP and follow by account suspension.
2.5 Our system will identified and transfer your IVAO/ VATSIM Flightplan into PIREP under thise certain condition, minimal online time to regard a flight as online is minimum 90% from total EET. Otherwise your flight will be identified as offline flight.
3. Minimum Activity Expected
3.1 For New pilots, we operate a 14 day first valid PIREP policy which means pilots must submit a valid flight within the first 14 days after admission
3.2 For Line pilots, we operate a 90 day active flying policy which means pilots must submit a valid flight at least every 90 days to keep the account active. Pilots who are inactive after one of those period, we will keep your account on the database and you may contact our Human Resource Director to re-activate account.
3.3 Executive´╗┐, President & Founder & Chairman of the Board will be exclude from minimum activity regulation due this VA created & as the owner this virtual airline.
3.4 If you have difficulties with using our system please contact HR by email or send a message in the forum as soon as possible so that we can assist you. If you don't contact us, our system will automatically delete you from our database. You'll receive at least one reminder email to inform you that you may be removed.
4. Aircraft Type Rating
4.1 Pilots must only have 1 aicraft type rating at a same time and you can request type rating change/ transfer after 2 month since your last type rating assignment.
4.2 Decision regarding aircraft type rating transfer will be based on current number of pilots in one statistic aircraft rating.
4.3 Aircraft Type rating will restrict pilot to book flight that suitable with their rating.
4.4 New pilot has to choose their Aircraft Type Rating prior registration.
5. Pirep Operations
5.1 The main objective and purpose of the Garuda Indonesia Virtual is to provide virtual pilots with a fun and professional environment. Accordingly our operational rules are quite simple as our objective is not to have pilots racing for high rank or number of flight hours. All PIREP must be use Garuda JetLine ACARs.
5.2 Garuda Indonesia Virtual supporting IVAO, VATSIM & Offline flight activity using Garuda JetLine ACARs/ SkyJetline ACARS.
5.3 Limit amount of flight schedule to be book is 6. After you finish all the schedule that has been booked, you may select another schedule on the timetable.
5.4 The Time limit for any booked timetable schedule is 24 hours. After 24 hours since you book the timetable, our system will automaticaly delete the schedule.
5.5 Beware during flight our ACARS system will give you the position report to be confirm. This policy intend to make sure that our member are stay on the cockpit during his flight and being responsible with the VA activity.
5.6 Please pay attention in your EET/ Total flight time. All PIREP which 40 minute early or late from the actual timetable time must be include valid reason to be consider, without a valid reason your PIREP will delete without prior noticed by staff.
5.7 If you booked a flight which also already booked by other pilot, you have responsibility to use callsign addition when online on IVAO/ VATSIM. For example, if you booked timetable schedule with callsign GIA984, when online & if this callsign already use on network, you may put additional callsign GIA0984 or GIA9840. ACARS will still recorgnize this flight.
5.8 The use of time acceleration within our VA operation is not allowed. All PIREP which using time acceleration will be deleted. All forms of cheating behaviour will also cause your account deleted without any warning.
6. Manual PIREP Operation
6.1 We provide the Manual PIREP System (MPS) in case you have ACARS/ site problem under this following rules (6.2 - 6.8).
6.2 You must booked a flight on timetable.
6.3 You must fly this booked flight whether it is in IVAO/ VATSIM/ OFFLINE.
6.4 The reason to use Manual Validation System is when you are unable to send PIREP AFTER you completed the flight (status = arrived).
6.5 You must fill the correct flightplan on Manual Validation System with the actual flight data.
6.6 You must provide sreenshoot as evidence to get the approval.
6.7 Manual Validation request without screenshot will be rejected without rejected without prior notice.
6.8 In the case of abuse the above rules, you may be suspended.
7. Virtual Remote Training System
7.1 For any training & exam activity, Garuda Indonesia Virtual are using The Virtual Remote Training System, or VRTS.
7.2 VRTS Theoritical Module Exam are available for all member within all aircraft type rating & pilot rank.
7.3 VRTS Practical Review only available for member who Captain, Senior Fleet Captain and or ATPL Captain rating holder.
7.4 Instructor & Chief Pilot rating must be consider as PRE/ Executive decision/ privilege.
8. Other Important Information
8.1 By proceeding to registration you are agree to understand that Garuda Indonesia Virtual is virtual airline only and we are not affiliate with the real Garuda Indonesia. Including pilots, booking system, financial issue and any others related.
8.2 Garuda Indonesia Virtual has a member limit of 250 pilots.
8.3 The number of current applicants waiting for entry is updated daily on the front page of the website. Will be check by staff frequently.
8.4 Garuda Indonesia Virtual system & ACARs/ SkyJetline will work both for online (IVAO) & offline flight (with internet connection to run the ACARS/ SkyJetline system).
8.5 Some of our services on the website are not accessible by non members but you will have access to all of our system after accept and being a member.
8.6 While you are waiting on the list please this is an excellent opportunity to familiarize yourself with our virtual airline system.
8.7 Garuda Indonesia Virtual is a free community, no donations and payments at any form.
9. Use of Garuda Indonesia Virtual Forum & Site
9.1 When logging onto the Garuda Indonesia Virtual forum, you are agree to comply with the following regulation. Pilots are reminded that foul and obscene language is not tolerated in any way. Pilots who are unable to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner, should not post items on the forum. The following regulation 6.1 - 6.12 are NOT acceptable on the Garuda Indonesia Virtual Forum.
9.2 Use of insult languange or verbally attack other users using words either in an indirect or direct way.
9.3 Pornographic or adult links or material, include photo and post.
9.4 Use of non standard "bahasa" or " english" or abbreviation on common languange.
9.5 Discrimination of race, creed, gender, religion or any other kind are forbidden.
9.6 Threads without content, arguments or not related to the Garuda Indonesia Virtual discussion.
9.7 Links to illegal programs or pages of that kind are not allowed.
9.8 Advertising of other Virtual Airlines (unless Garuda Indonesia Virtual affiliation).
9.9 It is not allowed to publish information, links or multimedia related to other Virtual Airline (unless authorized by GIV PRE & Staff).
9.10 Thread titles must be descriptive and related to their topic.
9.11 Private issues between users must be conducted using the private messaging system of the forum.
9.12 Members profiles will not be used for non-flight simulation messages including jokes with sexual content or overtones.
I accept the Terms and Conditions and would like to continue in the registration process.